bandeira do brasill

Coisas Brasileiras

Links and Resources

Visit our friends in Santa Cruz Cabrália, Bahia, Brasil at  Descobrir Cabrália

Cade -- Brazilian search engine

Climbing Brazil

Lonely Planet: Brazil

Dusty Groove: Music store specializing in Brazilian music (among other types). 

National Geographic: Brazil

Weather in various locations in Brazil

Bookmarks for Niedja Fedrigo -- Comprehensive site of all things brazilian and lusophone.  Amazing collection.

Maria Brazil - Home of Brazilian Culture on the Web

Portuguese Links and Resources

Dicionario da Lingua Portuguesa online

Portuguese-English on-line dictionary

Chico Science

Universo Online - Bate-papo (Chat)

Clarice Lispector

 Base Camp
 Whites, NH
 Glacier, MT
 Hiking Links
 Photo Gallery


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