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The White Mountains in New Hampshire are the tallest in the Northeast (not the East Coast - Mt. Mitchell in the BLACK Mountains in North Carolina is the highest peak east of the Mississippi).  But the Presidential Range in the White Mountains has something the many higher mountains in North Carolina don´t have -- alpine peaks.   And the White Mountains are very close to the sea, making them prone to all kinds of intense, and very changeable, weather.  Hence the record-breaking gusts on top of Mt. Washington.

Here's me testing out my crampons and ice axe for the very first time. What a novice! (This was decades ago, of course.)

A few White Mountains resources:

Click for Gorham, New Hampshire Forecast


Phone numbers:
National Weather Service, Concord, NH  (603) 225-5191
Androscoggin Ranger Station, Gorham, NH (603) 466-2713

Views from the Top -- New Hampshire Trail Conditions

Many weather links:  since the weather is so changeable, I usually check all of these and then pick the one I like.  ;)

National Weather Service White Mtns. Summits Forecast

Today´s Weather on Mount Washington

White Mountains Forecast (Cornell Meteorology)

The Weather Channel Forecast for Berlin, NH

White Mountains Server  Info on trails, shelters, campsites, peaks.

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