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The White Mountains with the Hurbons (Roll Two)

Photos from our trip to the Presidential Range in the White Mountains, New Hampshire, August 1998.  Itinerary:  Rte. 2 to the Castles, up Mt. Jefferson and back to the  Cornice Trail (never again!) to Gray Knob Camp, and down Lowe´s Path.  Crew:  Barri Brown,  Diane Hurbon, Douglas Hurbon, Doug Hurbon

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Barri at the Castles

Doug at the Castles

Diane and Doug Sr. at the Castles

View of the Castles

Bouldering up to Mt. Jefferson

On top of Mt. Jefferson

On top of Mt. Jefferson

See Doug Sr. with Mt. Jefferson in the background ?

See the glider?

A view of the ridge

Cairns at Edmonds Col

No paparazzi!

Mom and Doug traversing the evil Cornice Trail

Doug Sr. asleep by 8:00 p.m.

Crag Camp, with our Quebecois friend Lambert

Breakfast at Crag Camp

Doug Hurbon with Kings Ravine in the background

Diane and Doug about to descend the Lowe's Path


White Mountains (Roll One)

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