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The Adirondack High Peaks, February 1998 (Roll One)

Photos from our trip to the Adirondack High Peaks, February 1998.  Itinerary: Johns Brook to the Shorey Short Cut, camp  right around 4,000 feet, and peak trips to Basin and Haystack.   Crew:  Barri Brown,  Douglas Hurbon, Rollie Wesen.

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Packing the night before the trip

2pacs sekur?

We made Doug carry just about everything

Beginning at John's Brook.  Note: no snowshoes yet

A melty brook

Rol and Doug crossing John's Brook

Right at the Shorey Short Cut.  Rol switches from crampons to snowshoes.  We didn't.  Big mistake.


Rollie the adventurer

Rol the happy adventurer!

Blizzard-covered peaks

More snowy views

Snowy peaks

Edmund Hillary?

Can we get a little air, Rol?

Doug staking out the tarp

Doug at Snowbird?


Doug's butt

Barri eating snow


Adirondacks  (Roll Two)

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